Before & After Massage Therapy/Personal Training

Services and Rates

Swedish Massage $60

            The most common form of massage, Swedish mainly relaxes the muscles and eases aches and pains.  Swedish Massage is a system of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints.


Deep Tissue $65

            As the name implies, Deep Tissue Massage releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on contracted areas, either following or going across the grain of the muscles, tendons, and fascia.  It can be used for specific work or full-body. 


Neuromuscular Therapy ~NMT $65

            The most effective type of massage therapy for back pain is neuromuscular therapy.  NMT is also called trigger point myotherapy.  The American Academy of Pain Management recognizes this form of massage therapy as an effective treatment for back, neck or hip pain caused by soft tissue injury (such as a muscle sprain).


Treatments $70

            The combination of Deep Tissue, NMT, Medical, and Swedish Massage together help ad the body to recover faster from injuries and medical pathologies.


Sports Massage $65

            For the athletes, sports massage techniques are utilized at all stages: pre-event, post-event, during training and to expedite rehabilitation after injury.


Pregnancy Massage  $60

            Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well.  Massage can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep and calm an active baby.  Many pregnancy massage specialist integrates a variety of techniques into their work. Depending what trimester you are in the pregnancy, I may utilize reflexology, Swedish, or a light Shiatsu.  This will leaving the mom-be-be and the baby happy, calm, and relaxed.


Infant Massage $20/ 30mins

            Infant Massage is a parent tradition within many ancient cultures that has been rediscovered and adopted to the western world. Research conducted through the Touch Research Institute at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine confirms the importance of a secure environment and a nurturing touch in the healthy growth, development and maturation of children (Tiffany Fields, PhD).  Numerous other studies have also shown the many developmental benefits of positive contact as a part of the baby’s early life.  Infant Massage is one of the most natural and pleasant methods of providing this early nurturing contact.  Combo package for Infant Massage is available and learn techniques for colic and upset stomachs.


DT/ Swedish Combo $80

            Half an hour of Deep Tissue on any part of the body and the other hour are spent on the rest of the body with a more relaxing massage.  While the Deep Tissue realigns the tissue and removes the toxins that were trapped inside the muscle, Swedish ads the circulatory system to remove them from the whole body.