Before & After Massage Therapy/Personal Training

About the Practitioner

 Hello! I’m Paulette Ngu. I started my fitness journey when I first enrolled in a Karate class in Midwest City.  After many years of discipline and hard training, I earning my Black Belt in Okinawan style Karate and owner of Academy of Martial Arts for 7 years. I’m certified through Parrillo Performance and National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Trainer.  I've competed in 2005 Coby Classic Body Building Competition in Texas. With me missing Martial Arts, I set Karate aside and started with my coach in Kickboxing and Muay Thai. I’ve been hooked ever since!   Later, I looked up the benefits of natural healing through massage therapy.  I found that it not only helps sports related injuries, but so many things for the young and old. I graduated with Honors at Heritage College with an Associates Degree in the field of Therapeutic Massage Therapy. Now with all that I know, I now combine it all to my training regimen.